about bavarian auto group

Bavarian Auto Group is a multinational group of companies established in March 2003 when it was appointed as the sole importer of BMW and MINI in Egypt, with exclusive rights for import, assembly, distribution, sales and after-sales support of BMW products in Egypt.

Since that date, BAG invested a total amount of 300 Million US Dollars distributed on 7 companies and 11 premises in addition to 3 stores.

Bavarian Auto Group now is the sole agent of BMW and MINI brands. Today Bavarian Auto Group is the market leader in Egypt for the luxury vehicles with regard to sales, quality and after sales.

Bavarian Auto Group has a very good dealer network inside Egypt, the Middle East and COMESA countries


A regional entrepreneur of automotive industry and maintain the leadership in our segment.


  • Establish an automotive group that acts as the center for all automotive brands represented in Egypt, the Middle East and the COMESA region.
  • Develop the local supplier industry in Egypt for manufacturing and exporting automotive components and spare parts to Europe and other markets at international standard of quality and competitive prices.


Provide several working opportunities to Egyptian labor force with a professional training.
Present the highest level of service with international standards.
Produce vehicles with the highest level of technology and quality at international standards.
Improve the component and spare parts quality with international standards for export.
Export vehicles to Arab and COMESA countries.
Contribute in charity projects and social events.