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A joyful celebration in Khartoum on Thursday, 9 December was the opening of the largest exhibition and service center for Bavarian Auto Group

A joyful celebration in Khartoum on Thursday, 9 December was the opening of the largest exhibition and service center for Bavarian Auto Group attended the opening ceremony, the President of Khartoum , Minister of Investment , the Egyptian ambassador in Khartoum , the regional director of the BMW company , senior businessmen , Arab investors and foreign investors in addition to a number of bank managers

3 hours of intense discussions between the dealers, manufacturers and Quality and Standards Organization and the Chamber of Industry and Engineering

After 3 hours of fruitful discussions between Auto dealers, manufacturers in Egypt and   Quality and Standards Organization and the Chamber of Industry and Engineering under the chairmanship of Mr.Farid El Tobgui. The discussions had a successful result it not only showed the real team spirit with the competitors in the Egyptian market, but also they were all cooperating for the sake of the Egyptian auto market from one side and for the sake of the safety of the Egyptian Citizen and clean environment on another side in a session that revealed the reality of the situation in the Egyptian auto trade and manufacturing market, the session timing was critical such that it was organized before the application of Engineer Rasheed Mohamed Rasheed by 12 days, where it was confirmed the effective application to be on 2nd of August. Both the manufacturers and importers stated their questions to the board who included Dr.Eng.Ahmed Fikry Abdelwahab,Engineer Hany Barakat, Mr.Farid El Tobgui and Engineer Amr Assal.

The Symposium was organized by Engineer Ahmed El Khadem. And the most imported of what stated that the rest of the specifications of total 117 will be applied in a timed schedule where many meetings will be held with the auto manufacturers and dealers to put the mechanism of the decision application concerning the specifications, the most important documents that must be submitted in the cars entrance is the (I Mark) and those who don’t have that document are 70 labs for cars and components technical examination around the world, and those we have our labs where the results are shown in 9 to 15 days and the total expense for the local examination is much less expensive from outside, Dr.Hany Barakat also confirmed in his answers to the questions in the symposium that the main concern is the safety of the Egyptian Citizen as its not normal to have the car accidents the main death purpose for the Egyptian citizens in Egypt and the organization is now preparing the standard measures for the roads, service centers and driving license to regain the Global prestige for the Egyptian driving license. And then 9 companies have stated their experience in applying the decision in details through the symposium.

The Symposium started by the presentation of Engineer Ahmed El Khadem to the board and followed by a short speech started by Mr.Farid El Tobgui Chairman of Chamber of Engineering Industry who confirmed that the chamber as always wanted and demanded the application of the specifications specially for cars and that its applying will have an effective role in the Egyptian market, and he stated that he hoped to continue applying the rest of the items without any complications. Also Dr.Ahmed Fikry confirmed in his speech that these specification will have a positive effect on both the citizen and the consumer as the accidents happened due to car accidents were a major danger in Egypt and reconsidering the specification will decrease accidents. On the same hand Dr.Hany Barakat confirmed to start together a Safety Egyptian Street revolution, where an intense exercise to study the future of the Egyptian market started since march 2009 with the cooperation of the Export Council and Industry and Transportation division, and its main purpose was that Egypt deserves a better and more distinguished rank, and also the Egyptian citizen deserves a high Global quality standard of products. And he confirmed in his speech that he gave grace period for the control and audit organizations and he developed the specifications and quality labs and also Chemistry division. And he said that he will open a way for the private sector labs and he raised the case of voluntary audit and control which is carried out by those who will help the matrix in applying the standards and quality and safety for the specifications. He added that 85% of the companies in the market are ready to apply the specifications and the rest are trying to manage their situation and he hope they will be ready in the stated period. Then the companies started illustrating the working matrix and how the contained the minister of industry  and trade decision and the communication and cooperation happened with the mother companies to apply the specifications concerning cars.

Czech Ambassador visit to Quattamia

Czech Ambassador visited Quattamia , with number of Czech companies representatives for discussing and suggesting different projects for future cooperation with Czech companies specially in vocational training as it's BAG interest.

The visit was a success and another round meeting was set to be able to have a successful cooperation and matchmaking between BAG and Czech companies.

Chinese Prime Minister Visit to BAG 6th October Factory

The Chinese Prime minister in a special visit to the Bavarian Auto group 6th October factory last November 2009,
accompanying by high level delegation and large number of officials of Brilliance Auto of China, The prime minister
was accompanied by Dr.Mahmoug Mohy El Din minister of Industry and Mr.Farid El Tobgui Chairman of Bavarian Auto group and some group leaders.The Chinese prime minister commended the efforts of Bavarian Auto group and high quality in its factories in Egypt,
especially after the use of locally assembled car Galina within the cars used in the 4th Ministerial Conference Forum for Chinese-African cooperation that took place in Cairo. In the visit frame a partnership between the Group locally and the Middle East with investments 120 million dollars with the start of execution within the next year. It is worth mentioning that the
new project would provide up to 1600 new job opportunities and include technical cooperation, and mutual technology exchanges between the two parties,to reach the summit of productivity quality , various models of Brilliance will be exported to Sudan and other African countries, Morrocan, Jordan, and many other countries with the provision of local customer needs. In the frame of this special visit, Bavarian Auto group introduced various Brilliance models and highlighted the new Cross Over that was exclusively introduced by the group in the visit.