regional expansion

In its constant pursuit for growth, Bavarian Auto Group has taken various initiatives to expand its business operations in the Middle East and the COMESA region besides Egypt. Such expansion measures are to capitalize on the arising opportunities and the increasing growth potential of these lucrative markets which will ultimately help optimize the value delivered to our stakeholders.

And on a wider scale, BAG has succeeded in activating the Aghadeeer and COMESA agreements to increase the commercial exchange with neighboring countries through custom exemption. On doing so, BAG enjoys a great competitive advantage due to favorable trade tariffs whereby it extends its exporting range globally.

Sudan Branch

On obtaining the dealership right for BMW in Sudan, BAG starts its operations by opening a new showroom and service center in Khartoum. The service center contains 20 workbay and serves up to 20 customers per day. BAG is currently in the process of researching the feasibility of setting up an assembly factory locally in aims to decrease the cost of BAG products in Sudanese market.