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At the heart of BAG’S Business strategy, many factors lead to our success. Following a customer-centric approach, we believe in the complete and utter satisfaction of our client base and we strive to maintain the highest quality levels of our products and services through the constant development of several strategic organizational functions.

Because our clients come first, it is essential to create a professional, confident interface – our personnel. The Bavarian Auto Group HR department follows strict criteria and high benchmarks in selecting its employees and thus attracts the highest caliber in the market. We, at BAG, believe that people are one of the most important assets for any successful organization; because those people across all levels and functions are the main driver of high quality performance and the only way to sustain it. Accordingly, not only do we attract the best but we also tailor training programs to ensure the growth and development of our employees.

In order to empower our highly-trained personnel, BAG utilizes the latest, state-ofthe- art IT infrastructure, equipping its employees with all the communication tools required to ensure smooth operation at all times. With the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP ) system, we are able to provide administrative support to customers, such as billings, collection, and inventory management, while brand contacts such as the call center and company portal serve to create several layers of communication with our clients. With the right technology tools available, we are able to better anticipate customers’ needs through studying the market, monitor the quality of products and services delivered to customers, and to provide proper support in a timely manner.