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Welcome note from BAG

We continuously seek expansion of the range of products and services we offer, in order to meet the varying needs and expectations of the local market as well as the international.

At BAG we have a strong and aspiring vision. A vision to become the region’s leading entrepreneur in the automotive industry and to maintain this position in our segment.

We perform with one aim in mind and one aim only: the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

Along the years, we have earned our customers’ enthusiasm and respect through continuous improvements driven by the persistence, teamwork and innovation of Bavarian Auto people.

We believe that the goodwill of our manpower is the enduring thing in all business; it is the only substance and the rest is shadow.

We cannot deny the contribution of our stakeholders in our success story; their help is the essence of our development on a multitude of levels whether it is the customers , the government, the suppliers or the media.

BAG has been a major player in the automotive Egyptian market and was able to grow steadily over the years, proving its integrity and delivering on the promise especially at times of crisis.

The world financial collapse represented a very tough challenge for the world’s automotive giants; however we at BAG were able to overcome such a threat, definitely because the Egyptian economy was not highly affected, but also a lot of credit has to go to our collective persistent efforts to alter and tailor our market strategy guided by the group’s vision.

We choose to see the crisis as a growth opportunity especially that the Egyptian economy has witnessed a massive development in recent years.

We believe that the best is yet to come where we aim to continue to be a major contributor to our economy’s prosperity.

Accordingly, we continuously seek expansion of the range of products and services we offer, in order to meet the varying needs and expectations of the local market as well as the international; where expansion plans are currently in progress, capitalizing on Egypt’s geographical location being the center of three continents, as well as its recognized trade and economic agreements; with the European Union, Africa, and the Middle East region.

Ranging from feeding industries; exhaust systems, and commercial vehicles to top-of-the-line luxury automobile brands, we benchmark against international standards thus assuring our customers high levels of quality.

Our commitment to serve with excellence extends far beyond the automotive field.

We very much believe in the importance of playing an active role in the community, thus according to these convictions, corporate social responsibility is a built-in concept integrated in every aspect of our business.

Egypt is a place where wild ideas can actually become reality and Egyptians have the capacity to dream up a vision and build a plan to achieve and execute.

It has always been our passion to achieve our vision in every way that we can.

This is what our stakeholders expect from us and this is what we promise them.

Passion. Integrity. Prosperity